Why Cats Purr

Why Cats Purr

Why Cats Purr!

Cat purring is both a natural and learned behavior. When cats are born they are both deaf and blind. They sense the vibration of their mother and learn to mirror her behavior and purr back to her. Purring is also noticed when cats are experiencing positive engagement or feeling content, such as laying on a human’s lap, being pet, or fed. Consequently, it is assumed that a cat’s purr is a manner of communicating with their kittens and expressing pleasure.

But did you know that cats also purr under duress? Examples can include travel, vet appointments, recovering from injuries. Therefore, many scientists believe that purring is a not only a means of communication but also a potential source of self-soothing.

Researchers have also found a correlation between lower purring vibrations and bone growth; hypothesizing that purring is also a self-healing mechanism helping to repair bones, relieving strained muscles, and reducing pain and swelling.

Purring is known for relaxing and lowering a human’s blood pressure and stress levels. Perhaps this is a cat’s special way of taking care of and loving their human friends!

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