Have you seen your cat bolt out of the litter box?

Have you seen your cat bolt out of the litter box?

Have you seen your cat bolt out of the litter box?

Seeing a cat bolt out of its litter box can be quite amusing. But why do some cats do this?

Some of the prevalent theories about this curious action are listed below:

1. “Relieving” themselves just makes them feel so much better – lighter in body and spirit and expressing that feeling through running out of their box.

2. Cats like to call attention to their “accomplishment” – seeking positive attention and recognition from their human guardian.

3. They want to quickly move away from any “smelly problems”.

4. Bolting from a litter box is another segment of their instinct to bury their waste which is based upon their survival tactic ingrained in them from their ancestors to cover their smells and try to keep their waste area separate from living areas as precautionary measures from germs, parasites, and pathogens.

5. Since the sight and the smell of waste gives them away to threatening predators, bolting is another way to quickly hide from predators.

Additional cat behavior research, especially the investigation of wild cat “bathroom” behavior in comparison to that of domesticated cats, needs to be conducted to determine why such amusing behavior is performed.

No matter the reason, find it in your heart to honor your cat’s instincts and positively acknowledge their loving and joyful ways.

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