Dietary Actions for Urinary Stones

Dietary Actions for Urinary Stones

Dietary actions for Cats with a history of urinary stones.

  1. Fresh water can help prevent future stones.
  2. Cat’s typically don’t drink a lot of water. One way to attract a cat to water is with a filter system. Place filter systems in multiple locations.
  3. Unsweetened cranberry juice can decrease minerals build up in urinary tract.
  4. Cranberries increases urine acidity. This acidity helps reduce the chances of blockages or infections.
  5. Optional techniques of giving your cat cranberries include adding cranberry powder to your cat's food, adding cranberry juice to water, tring a syringe of juice daily into your cat's mouth, or giving a cranberry capsule. No matter the method used, it is important to consult your vet for advice on the proper dosage.
  6. High protein. Wet food helps with the increase in water. For urinary stones, a prescription diet is typically initially used to dissolve crystals.
  7. Pet care can also include giving several small meals throughout the day to enable urine PH to stay more acidic. It is recommended that acidic urine levels are checked on a regular basis.

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Blog Adapted From: Animal Behavior Institute (ABI).

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