Do Cats Pant Like Dogs?

Do Cats Pant Like Dogs?

Do Cats Pant Like Dogs?

Although unusual, cats can pant (breath heavily) with his/her mouth open and tongue over its lip like dogs for a variety of reasons. Panting in cats should be taken seriously. It may be due to health problems related to respiratory, heartworm disease, or heart problems. A vet should be contacted to determine if a medical problem exists. Panting can also be related to overheating.

Too much heat can lead to heat stroke and death. Some of the signs of heat stress include restless behavior as your cat tries to find a cool spot, panting, sweaty feet, drooling, excessive grooming in his/her quest to cool off, rapid pulse and breathing, redness of the tongue and mouth, staggering, lethargy, and vomiting.

Immediate pet care should always be taken…

If your cat or stray is outside and panting, depending on the severity, cat care can include moving kitty inside or if that is not possible, to a cool shady quiet place and with plenty of water and wet food as another source of moister. However, if kitty is unconscious quickly soak kitty with cool (not cold) water (avoiding water flow in the mouth and nose). You can also place a bag of ice or frozen veggies to reduce his/her body temperature. Always contact your vet or an emergency vet hospital in such critical situations.

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