Why Should The Type Of Water Bowl Matter?

Why Should The Type Of Water Bowl Matter?

Why Should The Type Of Water Bowl Matter?

Did you know that cats have very sensitive whiskers and typically don't enjoy putting their face all the way into a bowl? Cats depend upon you to ensure that the water bowl is filled to the brim and is wide enough that their whiskers are not negatively impacted.

Did you know cats can be just as finicky about their water as
they are about their food? Cats are also sensitive to the water
taste and temperature. Taste can be tainted by dirty bowls in addition to polluted
water. Ceramic or stainless-steel bowls have surfaces that inhibit bacterial growth and
tend to keep water cool. Daily pet care that includes cleaning your cat’s water bowl and
filling it with filtered water can minimize pollutants and increase drinking.

Do you know what the “right” water bowl temperature is for your cat? Every
cat’s preference is different. Consider including observation and a trial and error
process to your regular cat care practice. Experimenting with different options such as
room temperature water, refrigerated water, and bottled water can help to determine
what “fluffy” likes best so that he/she can stay hydrated and healthy.

Our cat boarding staff includes a feline behavior specialist available to help create a customized improvement plan for you and your cat.

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