How Harmful Is Cats Playing With Yarn?

How Harmful Is Cats Playing With Yarn?

How Harmful Is Cats Playing With Yarn?

Cats may look awfully cute while playing with yarn. However, it is an “incredibly bad” thing to let happen.

Contrary to popular belief, it is very dangerous for cats to be have access to yarn. If they start playing and chewing a piece of yarn, they can keep swallowing the string and it can bunch up in the intestines. Trying to pull the string out of the cat’s mouth can perforate the cat’s intestine. Therefore, if a cat swallows yarn, ribbon or a string, take the cat to the vet or an emergency clinic ASAP. Swallowing such items can be potentially DEADLY!

Our pet boarding services includes providing a toy for cat guests if their guardian has not provided one. As part of our pet care, we remove all tinsel, ribbons, feathers from our toys to prevent any potential digestion. We do not leave long string toys inside the cat condo’s…safety is our number one priority!

Our cat boarding staff includes a feline behavior specialist available to help create a customized improvement plan for you and your cat.

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