Why Do Cat's Bite Their Nails?

Why Do Cat's Bite Their Nails?

Why Do Cats Bite Their Nails?

Chewing and biting nails are a normal part of a cat’s cleaning process. Biting nails can be done to remove loose or old outer sheath. Vertical scratching posts and horizontal scratching pads are helpful with removing old nail sheaths. However, it is possible that continual / compulsive nail biting is an indication of anxiety, injury, or infection. In a situation of compulsive behavior your vet should be notified to determine if the behavior is medical or behavioral.

Cat nail biting as a form of anxiety can be related to humans biting nails. Compulsive nail biting and other compulsive behaviors are ways in which cats demonstrate self-soothing actions when they are feeling stressed, lonely, or bored.

What should you do if “Kitty” is biting nails? Great pet care also includes observation and asking questions such as: How frequently is “Kitty” biting nails? Are there any changes occurring within his/her environment that may contribute to anxiety? Are there changes in his/her routine or new people in the home? The answers could lead you to some ideas as to how “Kitty” can be helped. Anxiety issues can be improved or eliminated with special attention to enhancing your cat’s environment.

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We have a feline behavior specialist available to help create a
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Blog adapted from news.petmeds.com.

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