Belly Flap

Belly Flap

Does Your Cat Have A Visible Saggy Belly?

Whether you cat is the ideal weight or over weight, have you noticed that it has developed a saggy hanging belly?

Cats are different than dogs that generally maintain a firm belly. Cat bellies (even the bellies of lion and tiger) typically develop a saggy belly (flap of loose skin which is technically called a primordial pouch) that can sway from side to side as he/she walks.

The primordial pouch is a normal part of a cat’s anatomy that has specific functions such as providing 1) additional protection and insulation from abdominal injuries as the result of cat playing or fighting while using the “bunny kicking” action and 2) the freedom of movement to stretch and extend the back legs when in full stride.

The size and appearance of the primordial pouch can vary from cat to cat with both thinner and heavier cats having either large or small pouches. In either case, it is up to the cat’s guardian to ensure Fluffy’s health is a priority and that excess fat is not stored in the abdominal flap.

At the Hotel 4 Cats, we see all shapes and sizes of cat bellies and love to give them all a belly rub!

While boarding your cat with us, we work with you to keep your cat on his/her regular schedule of feeding and type of food as much as possible. Need extra cat care such as medicine administered before or after feeding, no problem – we have you covered! Our pet boarding accommodations are designed to help you to worry free while you are away.

We have a feline behavior specialist available to help create a
customized improvement plan for you and your cat.

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