Feeding, Nutrition and Behavior

Feeding, Nutrition and Behavior

The connection Between Frequency of Feeding, Nutrition and Behavior

Cats have a natural drive to hunt and stalk their dinner throughout the day. However, free feeding (which typically is in the form of dry food that has high-carbs) can lead to hyperactivity and obesity. The other extreme of feeding once-a-day can contribute to aggression, stress, anxiety, and irritability which can be due to a decline in blood glucose. Therefore, properly-sized portions can be divided into small servings for feeding cats a minimum of two or three times a day.

Many complain about their cats trying to wake them up early in the morning to eat. If that’s the case for you, consider placing a few treats in a cat puzzle before bed time for your cat to enjoy mental and
physical satisfaction while satisfying their instinctual and hunger needs.

At the Hotel 4 Cats, our cat boarding operating hours enable cats to be fed 2-4 times a day. If you cat has special cat care or feeding needs, adjustments and optional alternatives are discussed and finalized based upon your authorization.

We have a feline behavior specialist available to help create a
customized improvement plan for you and your cat.

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Blog adapted from Animal Behavior Institute (ABI).

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