Santa Is Coming To Town and Checking His List

Santa Is Coming To Town and Checking His List

Santa Is Coming To Town: What’s In Your Cat’s Stocking?

Please have Santa think proper and safe pet care when placing a variety of stocking stuffers in your cat’s stocking. Select toys that enable your cat to demonstrate his/her innate prey sequence (Staring, Stalking/chase, Pounce/grab, Kill bite) needs and, at the same time get exercise, manage stress, prevent boredom, and reduce unwanted or undesirable behaviors.

Did you know that our pet boarding practices include ensuring that your cat has at least one toy to stimulate his/her innate prey sequence needs?

For visual stimulation – why not select videos that show real animals? Some cats seem intrigued with videos of fish or birds. Videos can may elicit staring and stalking at the very least. This type of toy may be especially meaningful to older cats who do not demonstrate the same enthusiasm and engagement as when they were younger.

Occupational Enrichment – consider hunting and other activities a "job" that he/she normally does. An outdoor feeder is a good toy example. Did you know our cat care includes providing bird feeders?

Inanimate toys – such as furry mice. Inexpensive and can be safely left out and it encourages solitary play.

Battery-operated toys – include rolling, squeaking balls which move in an unpredictable manner. Note that older cats may star at battery operated toy or observe younger cats play without getting actively involved in the playful moment. They may not be exercising but they are enjoying the brain stimulation and observation.

Interactive toys – a wand is the only toy to elicit the entire prey sequence. Human interaction is required. It fosters a positive relationship between you and your cat. Caution: Safety First! Strings need human assistance and should be placed in a location that the cat cannot retrieve when no one is available to interact with the wand/string and cat.

Vertical Territory Stimulation - cat trees, perches and scratch pads should be at different levels providing cat choice and different views. This is very empowering for them and can help release frustration, manage stress, and trim their nails.

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We have a feline behavior specialist available to help create a
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Blog adapted from Animal Behavior Institute (ABI).

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