How Do Cats Say "Hello"?

How Do Cats Say "Hello"?

How Do Cats Say “Hello”?

There are multiple common ways that cats say “Hello” to other cats. And yes, you probably guessed at least one way – butt sniffing!

Whether thy live together for years or are being introduced for the first time, butt sniffing is their natural way to say “Hello”.

Scent glands are located in the anal sacs located on either side of the anus. Cats automatically position themselves with their butt up and ready to sniff to delineate territory and greet each other with a ‘curious sniff’ and “Hello”.

When a cat offers his/her butt in an upward manner to be smelled it is also demonstrating the same position when it was a kitten and its mother would then clean his/her butt.

Other behaviors that suggest a “Hello” or reinforce the acceptance between cats are head-butting along with licking and grooming each other. These behaviors also release scent glands and help the cats to form a social bonding and ultimately consider each other to be family.

Cats will also demonstrate the same behaviors toward us. It is another behavior indicator that they accept us!

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