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Why Is Dog Food So BAD for Cats?

Cat care incudes making the best food decisions for your loving kitty. Cats have DIFFERENT nutritional needs than dogs. A snap-shot of four important differences are listed in the table below.


Cats Dogs
Vitamin A Cat food MUST contain Vitamin A.

Some dog foods may or may include vitamin A.  If it does, it may not be the appropriate amount needed for cats since dogs can make vitamin A with beta carotene from which their bodies can turn it into vitamin A.


(An amino acid)

All cats REQUIRE taurine to prevent heart disease. Dogs can make taurine on their own, therefore, many dog foods may be deficient in taurine.

Arachidonic Acid

(A fatty acid)

All cats NEED arachidonic acid.

Not essential for dogs, yet dogs can build arachidonic acids themselves.


To ensure a healthy cat, the protein levels are HIGHER than dogs require

Protein levels may be high in dog food, however, not high enough for cats to remain healthy.


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